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New Paper "The Corporation as a Political Actor: European and North American Approaches" (European Management Journal)

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Corporate Social Responsbility in DJØF Bladet (in Danish)

New Paper
"Decoupling Responsible Management Education" (Journal of Management Inquiry)

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Philosophy and Business Ethics by QS Top MBA

Recent Paper on
"Cross-Disciplinary Ethics Education in MBA Programs: Rhetoric or Reality?" (Academy of Management Learning and Education)

Recent Paper on
"Complete and Partial Organizing for Corporate Social Responsibility" (Journal of Business Ethics)
My research and teaching examine the intersection of corporate responsibility, politics, and strategic management in the governance of contested global issues. In particular, I discuss the role of (public)-private governance in the context of addressing global social and environmental problems. Much of my work is focussed on how non-state actors (e.g. businesses and non-governmental organisations) set voluntary standards to improve the enforcement of basic rights (e.g., human and labor rights). I have also done work on the relationship between the UN system and the private sector with a special focus on the United Nations Global Compact.

I have a passion for research that matters (we have too little of this) and students who care (I have met many)...

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